Molly’s name is Molly of Greenbrier Bethany.  She is a Golden Retriever.

Her favorite things to play with are furry, squeaky toys.

Molly loves going to school to read. She loves all the hugs and kisses she gets there.

Molly goes to dog shows and does Obedience and Rally.

5 Responses to Molly

  1. Tess B. says:

    Dear Molly,
    I typed to Honey too and  Iike reading ot you and Honey. It's really fun. I like when I get to see you and Honey every Wednesday.

    • Nancy Brock says:

      Hi Tess,
      It's my turn to come into school tomorrow.  Mom already has my leash out so I'm already.  I wonder what books I'll listen to tomorrow.
      Love, Molly

  2. Ashlee says:

    Awww she is so cute.I agree with you Jada Komadine she is the cutest dog ever

    • Nancy Brock says:

      Hi Ashlee,
      Thanks for writing to me in November.  I have been really busy reading with lots of kids.  This Monday I am going with my Mom to the library and we are doing a Responsible Dog Owner program.
      Love, Molly

  3. jada komadina says:

    you are the cutitest dog i ever seen
    from jada komadina

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