Sawyer Shurkoff

Hi! I'm Sawyer, a soft and fuzzy golden retriever. My mommy says I'm a living, breathing stuffed animal. Can you tell which one is me? I love to hike, swim, kayak, play ball, and climb rocks and trees. My favorite seasons are SNOW season and SWIMMING season! I'm a super good boy. I've had three levels of obedience training; I'm a Canine Good Citizen (CGC); and now I'm a therapy dog, too. I think kids are simply the best! I can't wait to snuggle up to them and listen to all their stories. PS…I love to give "High Fives" for a job well done!

2 Responses to Sawyer

  1. Aiden McCabe says:


    You are awesome to read to and you are very fuzzy. You look like a stuffed animal!

    I plan on seeing you every month! I will give you a “paw five” next time.

    Your Friend,

    Aiden McCabe

    • Hi Aide,

      I really like listening to you read to me. It relaxes me and makes me feel very happy. You are an excellent reader. I will practice my high-fives and I’ll see you at the next PAWS Reading Session!

      Your Puppy Pal,

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