Trinity listens intently to all that read to her. Trinity doesn't have a favorite book per se but does enjoy any animal books. What she really enjoys is being read to, so any favorite book of the reader is her favorite book.

Trinity is 9 years old. She was born in North Carolina, and has lived in Delaware all her life with her human family. She is an English Golden Retriever. She likes to call herself a blonde.

She enjoys swimming, sleeping, tuggies, eating pigs ears, and chasing squirrels.

But MOST OF ALL, she loves kids of all ages!

6 Responses to Trinity

  1. Penny Taylor and Trinity says:

    Trinity enjoyed listening to everyone Read today. She says Keep Reading!

  2. Bella Laor says:

    Dear Trinity Grace,
    Happy New Year, I was with Barley today but wanted to come over and say hi and pet you but I will see you on our next Tuesday library day.  Are you having fun with your doggie treats and your toys from Ms. Hilgars class?  Did Santa bring you a new chewy toy?
    I love you Trinity Grace,
    Hugs and Kisses,

    • Penny Taylor and Trinity says:

      Dear Bella,
      I'm looking forward to listening to you Read to me! I LOVED my treats and have been eating them. My human won't let me have them all at once and she has me sit politely for a treat! Santa did bring me some new toys and I LOVE my toys and treats that your class got me! Are you reading to your Sky dog every night? I am so happy that I get to come to your classroom! I wag my tail to let you know how happy you all make me!
      See you soon!

  3. Penny Taylor and Trinity says:

    Trinity had so much fun listening to all her friends at Linden Hill! She can't wait to see them again in January!

  4. teddy longo says:

    Dear Trinity,
    What do you want for Chritmas? Do you like swimming pools? Do you like to sleep with a special stuffed animal?
    I can't wait to see you again!

    • Penny Taylor and Trinity says:

      Dear Teddy,
      I had so much fun today coming into your classroom. I LOVE the Christmas presents that you got me! Will you read the Biscuit book that you got me next time? I love listening to you read to me.
      I DO love swimming pools! I don't have one but my human mom takes me to a place ( Academy of dog training) where they have a pool for doggies to swim in! I love to fetch a ball and jump into the water and swim back. I do laps!
      I love all stuffed animals! I do have a bear I am quite fond of but right now I am sleeping with the little stuffed animal that you got me!
      I can't wait to see you all in January! I will miss you all! But have fun on your holiday break!
      Trinity and Mrs. Taylor

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