Master’s Certification

PAWS Master’s Certification
PAWS Master’s Certification is a three-part Certificate Program testing the therapy team’s visiting skills, demeanor in public, and knowledge and service in representing PAWS for People.
Our expectations of a PAWS Master’s Level Therapy Team are as follows:
  • Superior level of performance and precision
  • Well-informed (about PAWS); interested, engaging handler
  • Friendly, people-focused pet
  • Team demonstrates experience with visiting in partner sites, as well as in community situations
  • Must be an active member of PAWS for at least 6 months
  • Must have completed PAWS’ Basic and Advanced Training
  • Must have achieved the Advanced Level of our Standards of Excellence (STEX) Testing
  • Must complete all three parts of the program in order to achieve Master’s Level Certification
The fee for the Master’s Certification is $50.
  • Framed Certificate
  • MC tags for human and pet
  • Clearance to participate in restricted visiting situations (as deemed appropriate by PAWS staff).
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