Our Programs

PAWS for People has a number of different programs in place to meet the needs of those we visit and interests of our members. Below are brief descriptions of current programs



Victims of Domestic Violence:
Through the Cecil/Harford Counties Department of Social Services, PAWS teams provide therapeutic support for women who have been in abusive situations.

Mental & Physical Disabilities:
Our therapy teams visit at a variety of locations including group homes and day programs, which serve adults with a broad spectrum of cognitive and physical disabilities.

Mental Health:
Specially trained PAWS teams volunteer at both inpatient and outpatient mental health organizations, providing non-judgmental love and attention to people in group and individual settings.

Substance Abuse/Recovery:
At residential treatment centers, PAWS teams offer comfort and support for people working toward sobriety in both inpatient and outpatient settings.
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More physically active PAWS dogs support Physical and Occupational therapists encouraging patients to work harder toward and enjoy reaching individual goals.
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Cancer Treatment:
PAWS therapy teams are invited into waiting areas and chemotherapy labs to help both distract and comfort people during challenging medical procedures.

General Hospital Visiting:
PAWS has partnered with several local hospitals allowing therapeutic support to patients in a multitude of hospital settings.
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Autism Initiative:
Therapy teams are trained to use basic behavioral strategies
during visits with children on the Autism Spectrum, as kids with this disorder frequently connect well with animals.

Mental & Physical Disabilities:
Like our adult program, PAWS therapy teams visit at a variety of locations including hospitals and day/school programs, which serve kids with a broad spectrum of cognitive and physical disabilities.

Mental Health/Behavioral Issues:
PAWS Psychiatric Support program also works with residential inpatient and day programs for children and adolescents struggling with a variety of mental health issues.

PAWS for Reading:
PAWS teams trained in this literacy support program work with kids in schools and libraries who are struggling or reluctant readers; we also work with English Language Learners of all ages.

Child Advocacy/Courthouse Companions:
Partnering with the Department of Social Services in Cecil & Harford Counties (MD), PAWS teams visit with children who are in the court and foster care system. Specially trained teams also may accompany these kids into courtrooms while they are providing testimony.
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Assisted Living:
PAWS teams visit elders who have moved into assisted living facilities, many of whom have had to leave their pets behind and are thrilled to see a furry face.

Animals are often able to connect in a way that people cannot, with elders whose minds are failing. Specially trained therapy teams work with many sites who house dementia and Alzheimers’ patients.

Skilled Care:
Commonly known as nursing homes, skilled care facilities support elders who need ongoing medical care.  PAWS teams visit those in skilled care and rehab facilities offering distraction and comfort from the stress of long-term illness.

PAWS has partnered with several local hospice organizations offering training and certification for hospice volunteers to work with their own pets in this setting.
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People are invited to contact PAWS for pet therapy visits when they think a visit with a loving PAWS pet and caring PAWS human would be beneficial for someone they care about. PAWS has provided services to children who have autism, spending time with a father on hospice care, sitting with patients receiving chemotherapy, and visiting with a woman with worsening Alzheimer’s helping her recall her youth and good times with her dog.
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PERRT (Pet Emergency Response Therapy Teams)

Designed in conjunction with DEMA (Delaware Emergency Management Agency), PERTT volunteers are on call to ease the anxiety and fear of those who have been affected by a natural disaster (flood, fire, etc.) and placed into a temporary shelter. The teams will need to take a special training class through DEMA and pass their Standards of Excellence testing at the ADVANCED level.  PERTT volunteers must also be PAWS members for at least six months prior to participating in this program.
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