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Our PAWS for People teams go wherever they are needed. Here are examples of the services PAWS for People currently offers.


  • PAWS for Reading & PAWS for Reading PLUS
Click here for more information on the PAWS for Reading programs.
(Required: PAWS Basic Training, Advanced Level STEX, PAWS for Reading Training.)
To see the current PAWS for Reading LIBRARY SCHEDULE, click here.
  • Autism Initiative
A grant from the Delaware Foundation for Reaching Citizens with Intellectual Disabilities has funded a pet therapy program geared towards working with children who have autism.  This program began as a pilot at the Darley Road Elementary School, and we are branching out this summer to include children at the Brennan School in Newark, Delaware.
(Required: PAWS Basic Training, Advanced Level STEX, 6 hour Autism Training.)
  • Early Learning Center Mobility Project
PAWS teams have been working with the preschoolers at the Early Learning Center in Newark, Delaware since the fall of 2008.  In the spring of 2009, however, we have added work with Cole Galloway’s Mobility Project, which utilizes our therapy companions’ skills in working with children who are not independently mobile.  Working one-on-one with Physical Therapist Tracy Stoner and a child, our teams provide motivation for extended movement, distraction from difficult exercises, and fun for the children who are working so hard to learn to walk or use their motorized devices.
(Required: PAWS Basic Training, Advanced Level STEX, PAWS recommendation)


  • Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs
Centered at Bowling Green in Toughkenamon, PA, our pet therapy program offers addicts and alcoholics in recovery three different types of visits: 1) free-time visits; 2) visits in group discussion sessions; and 3) Sunday family visit time.  Our therapy companions offer folks love, comfort, and the stability that many Bowling Green residents need.
(Required: PAWS Basic Training, Basic Level STEX, interview with Bowling Green staff)
  • PT/OT/Speech Therapy
PAWS teams work directly with therapists at a number of different sites to assist in their clients’ progress.  Besides the love and comfort that our pets give freely, they also provide the motivation for trying some new movements, working longer, and enjoying the activities.  This in turn allows the clients to relax while exercising, which helps their muscles work with less strain and tension.
(Required: PAWS Basic Training, Basic Level STEX)
  • Easter Seals and Chimes
PAWS does two types of visiting at our Easter Seals sites: “Group” visits and one-on-one work in conjunction with the physical therapist’s and instructor’s goals for the client.
(Required: PAWS Basic Training, Basic Level STEX)
  • Bancroft NeuroHealth – New Jersey
Bancroft NeuroHealth provides a spectrum of individualized services for children and adults with neurological and related disabilities in order to help them achieve greater independence and fulfillment in their lives, while also striving to improve their function, activity, and participation in society.  PAWS teams visit in a group setting in the group houses or central activity center.
(Required: PAWS Basic Traning, Basic Level STEX, interview with Bancroft staff)


PAWS teams visit with folks throughout the entire spectrum of elder care: adult day care, assisted living, Alzheimer’s units, rehabilitation, skilled care, and hospice.  Each of these different areas requires a different type of visit, which in turn dictates the skills needed from both the PAWS pet and handler.
(Required: PAWS Basic Training, Basic Level STEX)
Working in partnership with both Willow Tree Hospice and Compassionate Care Hospice, PAWS provides the pet therapy training and coordination, while the hospices provide interested volunteers and the scheduling of visits.

PAWS by Special Request

PAWS receives many requests from folks in the community who know the value of pet therapy and would like to schedule a special visit for a friend or loved one.  Our teams are now doing individual, special visits for these people or working on long-term assignments.  If you are interested in having a PAWS team visit someone you care about, please contact our office.  Most of the time, we can work with you in order to provide the special visits that you are hoping for.

 Types of Visits

One-on-One Visiting

Our mission statement calls us to work toward providing “individualized therapeutic visits,” and we have developed a one-on-one visit program to support that effort.

Our facility contact targets individuals who can benefit greatly from longer, more personalized visits. The facility also defines an objective for our visit – perhaps encouraging an Alzheimer’s elder to come out of her room or helping a disabled person to move more frequently by having them pet the animal more continuously. These are simple objectives, attainable through a visit that may last 15 to 30 minutes.

Hospital Visiting
Presently, PAWS teams visit eleven units in Christiana Care (Newark), four units in Christiana Care (Wilmington), six units in Union Hospital, Physical Therapy at St. Francis Hospital, and several chemotherapy labs at the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center.  Working with children, our teams visit Exceptional Care for Children and the radiation unit at Helen Graham.  (For a complete listing, see our “Where We Visit” page.)
(Required: PAWS Basic Training, Advanced Level STEX)


Can the people in your facility or program benefit from PAWS for People visits?
 Are you interested in becoming partners with PAWS?
Call us at (302) 351-5622 or Click here to request PAWS for your facility
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