PAWS by Special Request

chase-and-garrisonPAWS for People is pleased to be able to offer our special one-on-one individualized therapeutic visits to those needing the care and comfort of our trained and certified therapy companions. Our teams can travel wherever we are needed: private residences, group homes, hospice, hospitals – anywhere.

If you have a friend or loved one who could benefit from a visit, we would be happy to set up a time to meet, establish what you would like our visits to focus on, and then provide a 30-60 minute visit with that person. Visits can be a one-time event or done on a continuous basis.

Our therapy teams, consisting of a trained handler and certified therapy companion, have undergone over 15 hours of screening, rigorous testing, and basic and advanced training in order to qualify as a Special Request team. We offer custom-designed visits developed to support the needs of the person we’re visiting. Different people have different needs and we are trained to diversify our visiting style and our conversation to fit the need of the person we’re spending time with. They may need:

  • a calming, relaxing experience – some folks just like petting and being quiet;
  • a more invigorating, stimulating visit full of fun with the dog and conversation with the handler;
  • motivation to do certain tasks – physical exercise, practice with language, a reason to get up and walk;
  • a friendly visit that focuses on them and their interests;
  • a hospice visit where we are trained to listen, soothe, and be peaceful.

If you have a loved one who needs some special attention or know of someone who would light up just to spend some time with a gentle, affectionate pet and a caring human, PAWS by Special Request is an answer to your prayer.

Fee Structure:
Initial interview, discussion, development of visiting plan,visit: $50
One-time visits: sliding scale from $35 – $55 per visit
Continuous visits: sliding scale from $25 – $50 per visit

Payment for initial consultation is due at the time of service; recurring visits are billed monthly.


PAWS by Special Request

To initiate the PAWS by Special Request visit, or to get more information, please fill out the form below and submit it. We will call you to discuss your special request and set up the initial appointment.
  • PAWS is currently only able to service the areas below. Please choose the area nearest your location. If you are located outside of our visiting radius, please contact the PAWS office at (302) 351-5622 or
  • If applicable.
  • *e.g., mornings, evenings, weekends, weekdays