Oso is a ten year old Great Pyrenees. His name means bear in Spanish because he looks like a big polar bear. His favorite food is peanut butter and he loves to spend time outside in the snow since he was born on a farm in the mountains where he protected sheep.


3 Responses to Oso

  1. Jacob says:

    Hello this is Jacob.
    I love reading to Oso. Oso is a very nice dog. Thank you for letting me read to Oso. Happy adoption day. by by happy adoption.
    Love Jacob.

  2. jacob fullerton says:

    thank  you  for  letting  me  read  to  your  dog.      at  first  i  felt  very  scared.    but  once  you  get  to  know  him  he's  a  very nice dog.  i  hope   i  see   you  again.   from  jacob  fullerton. age 7  

    • Oso, Kristin, and Chris says:

      Hi Jacob!
      We are so glad you had fun reading to Oso. Oso had such a great time listening to your story about Biscuit! He really likes you a lot and we hope you can come back and read with him again soon.
      ~ Oso, Kristin, and Chris  :)

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